Paint a beautiful masterpiece in days even if you’ve never painted before. Experience true creative confidence when you learn the Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method™!





Paint with my no fail painting method and sell your work.

Above: Michelle Endersby of Bon Beach, Victoria with some of her paintings she has produced since she learned to paint with the Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method™.



“Having never painted before Jacqueline’s Blooms workshop started me on a journey of self-discovery.

It is now my huge passion and people are buying my paintings!”


Above: Kerri Fitzpatrick of Berowra Heights had never painted before. Here’s what she painted in in 6 days during Blooms 1 & 2 workshop Sydney.




Try my simple 7 step Blooms Painting Method™ in my workshops to set you up for successful paintings you can sell. Anyone can do this and it’s great fun.

Create a masterpiece from scratch!

Jacqueline Coates  Artist & Tutor, creator of the Blooms Painting Method ™ at her gallery and painting studio Salon Rouge in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.




You’re about to discover;

  • The amazing truth that anyone can paint a masterpiece, even if right now you can’t draw a stick figure!
  • A unique workshop that accelerates your ability to paint AND sell your work because its designed and taught by a real life successful artist who paints and sells work for a living.
  • The only painting course of its kind in the world that shows you how to paint and how to sell your paintings in specific steps for success.
  • An amazing low risk enjoyable creative activity you can do from home & structure round your family time
  • How to paint a large canvas in 2 days right after I show you the steps in the three days Bloom Painting Method.
  • How to manage your inner critic (we all have one!) so you can follow your creative dreams
  • Personal empowerment and the fulfilment that come from creating successful paintings
  • You can take the worry out of painting when you are shown my no fail painting method.
  • Life-long skills you can practise anywhere at any time.
  • How to have a happy and productive creative life that brings joy to you and others!
  • You don’t have to go to university for years to be able to paint beautiful paintings. You can create several amazing paintings in just one week. Then continue your passion for painting from home.
  • Your passion for painting can easily result in artworks worth thousands of dollars straight away.
  • No previous experience is necessary whatsoever
  • How to create your own original exquisite photo reference without fancy equipment that you own the copyright on.
  • How to mix your own colour and save hundreds of dollars at the art store when you learn to colour mix from just a handful of tubes.
  • Mastery over blending paint, saving hours of frustration
  • The art of selling your work through everyday natural conversation. Make money from art!
  • See the world with new eyes. Enjoy an elevated sense of beauty and appreciation when you paint.
  • Master painting in acrylics.
  • Pay for your workshop with the paintings you produce in class!
  • Get a massive boost in creative confidence.


‘I sold my peony painting for $1450!’Kim Hrovat, Gold Coast, with her first large Blooms painting which she sold herself within six weeks of the workshop.


Two Masterpieces in a week from scratch!

“I was able to see this beautiful creation emerging from my canvas. My confidence soared. Jacqueline supplied everything, the easels, canvas, brushes, acrylics and medium and knowledge. You name it we had it in our grasp.

Jacqueline was the most generous of teachers with her excellent tutoring. The most unselfish thing an artist can do is to pass on to other artists all of the knowledge that has taken her a lifetime to amass. Jacqueline is a no nonsense teacher and we had enormous fun.

The outcome of the course was two complete paintings and I can say that my art was exceptional under her tutelage. My friends have been totally astounded at the quality of my art and both pieces hang proudly on my wall at home. Jacqueline showed us how to make the ordinary extraordinary.”


Marion Dall, Bunbury, WA

You don’t need a fine arts degree to have permission to paint and sell your work.





Meet the student who sold her first painting before the end of the workshop!


Barbara Doogan of Monbulk, Victoria was nervous about colour mixing. She needn’t have worried. She pulled off two great paintings, including this one left,  which was sold for $1,000 before the end of the painting workshop!







Just wanted to let you know we are all still talking about the wonderful workshop and how we are all still on a ‘high’.  Most of us have done another painting or are finishing one.  It was very inspiring being with you for a week.

I had an amazing experience the other morning, light was just coming into my bedroom and my damask curtains just showed all the tonal shades, I have never noticed that before.

You did tell us we would see things differently now!  I knew exactly how I would paint it – in fact it would be a good exercise for me to do.  Thank you for teaching me another way to look at things.


Kindest regards Jacqueline Smith, Melbourne

Jan 2012 Blooms Workshop 1 &2 Melbourne. Via email.



What if I were to teach you a no fail hand held experience of painting so you can enjoy successful results EVERY SINGLE TIME & sell them for great money?!

Dear reader,


I wasn’t always an artist. Just 12 short years ago I was an advertising art director cramming in study at uni to learn to paint.


The key to my success wasn’t natural artistic talent at all.




When I started out I was so nervous. I always thought there were others so much better than me. I never felt like a ‘born artist’! When I look back I realise my biggest asset was simply a wonderful desire to paint, as that was the key to put one step in front of the other towards my creative goals and have a go.


I soon realised that painting could be learned. There was nothing to be afraid of. Everyone does it differently and we can all express ourselves in our own way. I am so thankful I listened to that loving part of myself that urged me to give it a try. I desperately wanted to paint and I did.


I now have a lifestyle full of art, inspiration and great students. Twelve years ago I couldn’t have imagined it!


My work place is my painting studio and gallery at Salon Rouge, on the edge of the Barossa Valley with the sounds of the birds, peace and tranquillity, and the fragrance of blossoms. Being self-employed I fit my work around the kids. But it wasn’t always this way.


Whilst working in a full time job, I felt creatively frustrated so I studied and eventually finished a full time degree course at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales as a mature age student, fitting this in with a work time.


I attended workshops, and I went to at least 5 exhibition openings in Sydney a week to see bodies of work by emerging and established artists, I painted in all my spare time, read art books and for holidays jumped on a plane to cultural centres such as Paris, New York and London to absorb the best they had, scour the art museums, the art supply shops, & the parks and gardens.


My education to become a painter took over 8 years.


I worked for free to get experience in top Sydney art galleries, spent all my spare income on art materials and rented a small studio in a warehouse where I spent after business hours painting. I dragged bunches of exquisite sunflowers home and painted them in oils with my fingers.


During this time of change I had a powerful dream that would change my life and give me  courage to cut ties with an old life and leap into the new. Though scared as hell, I trusted it would work out. Remember I had no painting and marketing mentor holding my hand. I had to work it out for myself. Perhaps you’ve been in a position before where you don’t know all the answers but you decide to do something anyway. That’s where I was.




In my dream I found myself standing inside a deep red rose that was like a big dark velvety auditorium. A diva with a magnificent bust wrapped in crimson red silk threw out an arm and let forth the most wonderful vibrato at the top of her lungs that took hold of my whole being in the most sublime way.

I then was transported to a scene where I was the observer watching myself paint the most exquisite and ginormous canvas with a deep dark red glowing rose.

I woke up motivated to work out how to paint these uplifting blooms. Over the years, despite my university painting requirements, I kept returning to the blooms as subject matter.




Don’t worry, when I started out painting, I had loads of concerns including;


  • But I can’t draw
  • I’m totally inexperienced. Can I really become an artist?
  • I have trouble handling the paint
  • Colour mixing wheels bamboozle me
  • People will laugh at my work.
  • It’s embarrassing to declare myself an artist even though I feel like one inside
  • what if I couldn’t solve a problem myself
  • how can I have this in my life and how can I support myself financially?
  • how will I fit it all in? I’m already so busy.,
  • How will I know when the painting is finished?
  • Will anyone actually be interested in what I do?

If there were mistakes to be made I made them. Until I devised a simple system with 7 easy steps that meant my paintings progressed logically and assuredly to beautiful blooms paintings every time so I could paint the incredible flowers in my dreams.


I decided the best way to control the outcome of the painting was to paint from a photo. So I took lots of photos of red roses until I found the ONE that felt perfect like my dream.


From the get go my paintings with my Blooms Painting Method™ were in demand in a way none of the previous paintings had been. I had people wanting to buy them before the paint had dried!


Later on I found myself pregnant with my second child knowing I would need to prepare for life as a single parent. This brought new concerns such as;


  • Can I support myself and my family as an artist?
  • I have one child and another on the way, with no support. Can I afford to paint let alone afford child care? How will I paint with two small children?


Confessions of a newbie artist!


My life script went AWOL so I decided to take a leap of faith. I had bought an old dilapidated stone barn in the Barossa Valley. I wanted to be with my children and paint from home.

My brother came up with designs for the barn and I found a good builder who could renovate it in Kapunda. Before I left my job and my life in Sydney, I painted up an exhibition of beautiful Blooms paintings whilst pregnant with my second child Lily, & wrote my own PR.


Imagine my surprise when several magazines published the dates of the exhibition and pictures of my work! It suddenly looked real and important splashed across the media.

As I was having my exhibition and inviting more and more people to the opening night, I knew  I had crossed my biggest hurdle- giving myself permission to be an artist and letting everyone know about it, no matter what they might think of me.

Of course it all felt like new territory. I felt terribly audacious and in the weeks leading to the event like someone might tap me on the shoulder and stop me!  But no-one stopped me, and the opening night was a packed to full capacity with the crowd spilling onto the street. The fear evaporated and I was experiencing the joy of being an exhibiting artist!


Left: Painting in my Sydney painting studio in Rozelle, involved juggling my son Hannibal on my hip at the same time. I was also pregnant with my second child on her way!


Nearly everyone I had invited came to see my 27 paintings. Friends and family helped pour wine, offer food, and place red dots next to my paintings which meant they had sold. What a relief to see the red dots! I had spent my last dollars on the alcohol for the opening!


The show sold over half, about $18,000 worth plus I left Sydney with $15,000 of commissions to paint providing me with an income. It felt wonderful to have an abundant new form of income I could do from home from doing what I loved.


Not long after as a mother to two children under two, living in my stone barn in the Barossa renovated to a home and studio, I was asked by a Barossa florist, Viva The Flower Store, to teach my blooms paintings to the local women. These were the business women and ladies of leisure of the Barossa so I had to perform. My reputation was at stake!


My first time teaching others to paint the Blooms way.


I had never taught before. They had never painted! I thought, I can’t let my students go through what I did. I am going to come up with a compassionate kind method that delivers incredible results. If I don’t I’m history! So I took my Blooms method and applied it to this group of 12 trusting and eager women who most certainly couldn’t draw or paint but looking to me for the answers. I didn’t want to spoil their day. I was NERVOUS! I decided to start with roses.


By the end of the day I had a group of very happy customers. Step by step, their beautiful blooms paintings unfolded before our eyes. The Blooms Painting Method™ ensures no one goes missing in action. ( I have now trademarked my Blooms Painting Method which is so exciting.)


You don’t have to be able to draw with my techniques.  Although the entire group painted the flowers, with the same method, the extraordinary thing was, the paintings all looked different.


We all have our own hand writing, and whether we know it or not, our own personal style comes through from the way we see things, our preferences, and our sense of touch on the canvas.


I later expanded on this workshop and taught it in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Moree, Grafton,Young, Kapunda, Adelaide, Elliston and even taught in Wellington , New Zealand.





“From beginner to budding artist- great full on day.

Good bye office  – Hello Art Studio”


Marian, Wellington , New Zealand.


“Fantastic day! Your support and encouragement are priceless

forming a very supportive environment which allows us to let the

creative person inside to come out. Thank you.”


Barbara Laurenson, Wellington, New Zealand.

What if your painting efforts result in beautiful artwork you can sell straight away?

I went on to teach other blooms and large canvas workshops always with successful results for everybody with my simple and compassionate technique, always growing and improving the teaching offer, trying it and testing it out on literally hundreds and hundreds of customers.


A person of no previous art experience was able to walk away with several masterpieces and their eyebrows rearranged in an expression of amazement at what was possible!


If you think this sounds different to any other workshop you’ve heard about before, you are right.


Sadly, hundreds of students exit art college and uni every year creating unsaleable artwork. They depend on a commercial gallery system to support them. Tricky when the gallery commission is as high as 45% plus expenses. This is a no win situation keeping artists poor. It also excludes many artists from displaying their work

Going to university is a privilege but not everyone  has the time or money to indulge themselves in this way without making a living at the end of it. The professors are great but they are not making income solely from their art. They are on wages. Ask yourself… Are they the best people to teach you how to forge a path as an artist?



Painting the Blooms way! So easy a 12 year old can do it!



Left: First timers Brodie Grant (12) with her mum Daryl Grant at Blooms 1 & 2 Kapunda. They both created paintings to be proud of.




Why painting feels like falling in love and brings such joy

When we paint we connect with a part of the brain that gives us the same signals as for when we fall in love. As we become immersed in the colour and enter into another world, the real world drops away as we create, enter calmness, and get in the flow. The body triggers similar feelings of euphoria as when you fall in love.

You get to feel your highest most enjoyable emotions when you paint. Not to mention the great feeling you get from producing something beautiful. It is so satisfying! Decide how you want to feel. Transform your world with painting!


Wake up to the best job in the entire world!


As an artist you get to inspire others, and provide a window onto another world they don’t know about. It makes them feel good.


Make a difference to this world!


The cool thing is, you don’t have to be born an artist, or have gone to art college. You can decide right now for yourself and start being an artist today. Express yourself straight away! Why wait?!

Learn from my experience.

  • No need to make costly defeating mistakes.
  • Save yourself time and money getting it direct from a practising expert on the subject matter who knows their stuff!
  • When you are doing something you truly love your energy increases and attracts people to it.
  • Why wait? Discover your joy!

Here’s what you get in your Jacqueline Coates Blooms 1 & 2 Painting Workshop;


The Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method ™.

Seven simple steps that  ANYONE can do.


If you can count to 7 you can apply my Blooms Painting Method™.


1. ‘I don’t know what to paint.’ Perfect, because I supply you with brilliant choices every month in the form of exquisite colour photo reference. All you have to do is choose what you like best and I provide step by step instructions on how to proceed from woo to go.

I also show you how to shoot your own photo reference to you can paint from a photo that will guarantee your success on the canvas. While you are creating your pool of shots choose from my shots which are worth of thousands of dollars when painted up. I set you up for success!


2. ‘Can’t  draw to save yourself?’ I have two easy peasy ways of getting a proportionate image quickly and easily onto the canvas. You’ll never have to have a concern with your drawing skills again. The funny thing is that after a while you will be able to draw as unconsciously you are training your eye to see with my method. Anyone can do this. No need to be born with a creative bone in your body or have attended any previous art classes of any kind. No previous experience necessary.

3. ‘I don’t know how and where to start!’ Great! My Blooms Painting Method ™ means you get to preview you painting before you paint it. You will always know where you are going and what you are creating. No uncertainty here. You’ll love the Blooms Underpainting stage. With my Blooms Method™ I show you how to create a tonal map before you get into the colour. This gives you a chance to sort out all your shapes before thinking about the next stage. We break it into bite size chunks with a place to start and a place to finish.



4. ‘I am confused about colour?’

Brilliant, because I show you a devastatingly effective Blooms speed colour exercise that puts you in control of your colour palette from the get go.

Learn what the paint companies don’t want you to know! This simple exercise will also save you hundreds of dollars as you will know how to mix those gorgeous colours instead of having to buy them all individually. Live off five tubes of colour if you wish.





5. ‘What do I do next?’

After the Blooms tonal underpainting you will paint with your colour. The painting starts coming into being and it is very exciting to see the progress with every stroke of paint that goes onto the canvas.





6. I’m not sure how to finish or when to finish a painting. Then you’ll love my 7 steps to finessing your Blooms painting that will make your painting look professional. From cleaning up edges to checking the depth of the tones and colour correcting, this is where it all comes together!

7. Finishing touches.

Nothing like an oil glaze to put the finishing touch on your masterpiece. I show you how to have your painting look professional.


Above: Kerri Fitzpatrick of Sydney puts the finishing touches on her stunning iris with gold leaf background created in Blooms 2 which is an integral part of the 12 month painting program.



Create a masterpiece from scratch in 3 days.

That’s right, beautiful artwork is yours to sell or keep, in just 3 days. Even if right now you think you can’t do it! Then, learn to paint a second canvas in half that time.

Right: Sue Hope of Melbourne does a splendid job of her cream roses in Blooms 2




  • After Blooms 1 you will learn the secrets of the Blooms 2 Painting Workshop where you will create another large canvas in half the time using fabulous fast track techniques I will show you. Astound yourself at what is possible!





  • Access to select from thousands of dollars worth of exquisite photo reference sourced from Jacqueline’s own professional and extensive collection of 15 years to  set you up for success straight away.


  • All art materials provided for you.  All you need to do is book in and show up wearing comfy clothes and shoes and bring your willing attitude.
  • Don’t worry, I’ve got lunch and refreshments covered included in the price so you can focus on your painting. Be nurtured and lose yourself in painting.


  • LEARN LIFETIME SKILLS with my NO FAIL painting workshops where you will learn to paint with the Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method ™ and produce two beautiful masterpieces on large canvases 90 x 120cm to start your collection with.


  • Choose from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Kapunda locations.


  • Learn from a fully practising artist whose done the years of hard slog & study and made the mistakes, & experienced the frustrations, so you don’t have to.


Plus enjoy my PRICELESS BONUS sessions for FREE when you sign up NOW for one of the exclusive 10 places available in each of my workshops.

Here are my bonus sessions designed to sky rocket your painting results



  • Bonus colour mixing session, designed to help you create colour harmony on your canvas easily and to save you literally hundreds of dollars on colours you can mix yourself when you know how. How much is it worth? It’s PRICELESS!




“Exercises in colour blending and colour mapping have really helped the way I approach a painting and I find I am so much more confident in front of a blank canvas.  Everything is starting to flow so much better and my paintings now have a better finish and colour harmony”,


Michelle Endersby, Bon Beach, Victoria.


Right: Angela Maryska of Seaforth, NSW puts the finishing touches on her poppies painting.




  • Bonus how to blend your paint session, to take the headache out of getting your colours to merge on the canvas. This hands on  exercise cuts out hours of mistakes and frustration for my students. PRICELESS!





  • Bonus how to sell your paintings session. Explore your passion for painting as a lifestyle in this invaluable session including an exploration of your own situation and opportunities, plus specific ways to get started selling your paintings. This is session is unique, and your mentoring is from a real life artist who has supported herself and her family for twelve years from paintings, investing excess abundance in property. PRICELESS!

‘Wow, thank you for your amazing how to sell art your art session! I never dreamed I could sell my own work but now I am really excited about painting and selling my paintings!’

Pam Macquart, Oyster Bay, NSW

  • How to take exquisite photo reference yourself so that you can paint up thousands of dollars worth of painting stock and own the copyright. Have them on standby for commissions! No need for expensive photographic equipment or lighting when I show you how. PRICELESS!
  • Access to DISCOUNTED ART MATERIALS delivered to your door if you want to get set up in your own studio at home after the workshop. Save time, save money.
  • Certificate at completion of the course with signed off course content



I love seeing people move towards what they truly want in life. And I believe in rewarding boldness and positive action. I know how nervous and excited I was to begin my own painting path. To encourage you, I am also offering a:

  • One on One  Bonus 15 minute session on skype for your first artwork you produce at home within two weeks after the workshop. Receive quality feedback while you find your feet at home. I can give you on the spot helpful tips to get you an even better result with your painting.



A small investment could give you a lifetime of enjoyment and skills you can do anywhere at anytime!

As you can see there is well over $2680 of value in the workshop price as you get free mentoring after the course, and four bonus sessions at the workshop, the total of which if I charged it would come to an additional $1000 in a program that isn’t available anywhere else.

Even if I were to charge you that much it would still be outstanding value, because I am showing you all the short cuts to successful painting, sharing my secrets, saving you time and money. Plus I show how to sell your work and make money from your art , which can help you to pay for your course, but relax!

I am not going to charge that much.

I know how life changing and life enhancing my course is, and I want a great selection of students participating full out.  So you can have my

whole Blooms 1 and 2 course plus the bonuses for

Angela Maryska, Seaforth, Sydney, enjoying  the program, showing the exciting and very beautiful results of her Blooms 1 and 2 workshop.

just $2680 inc GST.


Yes, that includes everything that I’ve listed above.


Pay off your workshop with the paintings you do in class!


Some of my students are getting offers and confirmed sales on their Blooms 1 and 2 workshop paintings before the class has finished.


But get this! None of these students had painted prior to doing the work with me.

What they did have was a desire to paint and give it a go. I helped plant the possibility that they could sell their work, and then the magic happened. Were they nervous? Yes. Were they excited when they had a win? You bet.



The Limited Edition Blooms Freestyle Painting Workshop

Recently I introduced a stunning new workshop, the Blooms Freestyle Painting Workshop which is ideal for those of you who want to loosen up and feel free in your painting practice. But I won’t be doing it forever. It’s a fun way to get past your uptight ways of working and your tendency to hold on to dear life to one detail at a time. My group who did this workshop in Melbourne in August LOVED it!

In three days you will enjoy some warm up exercises that will result in a series of paintings you can keep followed by a 1 m square painting, your main piece, that will be fun and quick to produce with lots of texture, spontaneity and form. FREE YOURSELF UP! Here are the dates and venues where you can participate in this.


It’s available for a short time only. I will be running it ONLY to the dates listed here. Don’t ring me after these dates and ask for it as it won’t be on offer! Seize the day and hand yourself in for a massive creative reboot you will love.


Blooms Freestyle 3 Day Painting Workshop Venue Venue Dates Prices and Inclusions



Hours 9-5.30pm daily

$1800 pp inc art supplies, catering and create 4 x small artworks and 1 x 1m square

Plus notes from Jac



Jan 4,5,6, 2018

Hours 9-5.30pm daily

$1800 pp inc art supplies, catering and create 4 x small artworks and 1 x 1m square

Plus notes from Jac


GLEN IRIS, ST James Church Hall, Corner High Street & Bourke Road

JANUARY 18, 19,20, 2017 $1800 pp inc art supplies, catering and create 4 x small artworks and 1 x 1m square

Plus notes from Jac

BRISBANE & PERTH NO Not available



OR enjoy my classic Blooms Workshop now available in an easy 2 day format or the 4 day format. Learn to paint with acrylics.


SYDNEY  Willoughby Workshop Art Centre

4 Day Blooms Painting Workshop

Dec 18-21st , 2017 Paint two midsize canvases, learn to paint from the ground up. From blending to how to handle your paint brush so you get the results you want, what brushes to use where, and how to construct and finish a finish a painting with confidence. Learn the proven Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method 1 & 2 levels.  $2350 pp inc catering and art supplies.



4 Day Blooms Painting Workshop

St James Church Hall

Crner High St & Burke Rd Glen Iris

Jan 13-16th , 2017 As above for the 4 day workshop description. $2350pp inc art supplies and catering
PERTH Midland Junction Art Centre

5 Day Blooms Painting Workshop

April 23-27, 2018 As for the 4 day workshop detailed for Sydney but some extra time added in. $2350pp inc art supplies and catering

2 Day Blooms Painting Workshop

St James Church Hall

Crner High St & Burke Rd Glen Iris

Jan 22 & 23rd, 2018


Paint a midsize canvas and learn my classic Blooms Painting method that has helped thousands of painters from experienced to complete newbies.

Learn to loosen up and paint freely with an underpinning and understanding of form, tone and colour and what constitutes beautiful mark making. Very fun and very productive. Finish with a generous mid-size  painting 30 x 40 inches. $1180 pp inc art supplies and catering.

Or book in with the How to Paint Blooms e-course worth $779 and pay just $1680 for the two.


BRISBANE  Metro Arts

109 Edwards St, City

4 Day Blooms Painting Workshop

April 12-15, 2017 Details as for the 4 day Blooms workshop in Sydney listed above $2350 pp inc art supplies and catering





SEPT 2018 the days TBA in coming fortnight Yep I am coming back to the states. I am already taking sign ups for the paint pack combo where you take the online course then get the free two days with me experiencing the Blooms Painting Workshop. We had a ball on the last one in October in Downtown LA. This one will be hosted at the beaches near the airport.

You can start painting now and enjoy me in person to iron out any painting bug bears in September, 2018. Limited places. My west coast assistant in the USA is currently teeing up a venue for September 2018 to include a Blooms Painting Exhibition. Start your online training now with a deposit and don’t pay the balance till August. Join our private PAINT BLOOMS USA painting community. Bloom & grow!


Don’t miss out on your chance to shine!

Blooms 1 and 2 Painting Workshop

QuantityValue Blooms 1 and 2 workshop with my no fail 7 step

Blooms Painting Method. Includes all art

Materials and catering. Create two large

canvases 90 x 120 cm.1 x 6 day workshop$2680Bonus Blending session

Bonus Colour Mixing Session

Bonus how to take your own beautiful Blooms

photo reference

Bonus Make Money From Art session1 hour

1 hour

1 hour2 hours$150 no charge

$150 no charge

$150 no charge

$150 no charge

$300 no chargeMentoring ( one on one ) via skype and in person with Jacqueline Coates15 minutes$100 no charge Certificate of completionX 1$20 no charge Access to discount canvas, easels and projectors No charge


Total of course value

………………………………………………………. . . $3,700

Actual cost of course $2680 inc GST


To avoid disappointment , act now and

grab your place.


If you want to

  • be painting with great results within weeks
  • learn how to sell your work
  • want a fantastic pastime that will bring you joy for years to come
  • gain the admiration of friends, family and total strangers

Then as far as I can see you have 3 choices;

1. Do Nothing at all and live with the uncomfortable feeling you just might have missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

2. The struggle option! Try your best to navigate your own path going it alone making your own mistakes which cost time, frustration and money plus lots of wasted art materials. Exclude yourself from this magnificent opportunity. Blindfold yourself from knowledge that will help you. Whatever you do, don’t give yourself the support you truly deserve to get up and running quickly doing what you love most. Struggle away!

3. Jump on board for the opportunity of a lifetime!



Allow me to show you how to become a painter of beautiful blooms canvases in just 6 days.

“There were a lot of dropped jaws! I don’t think they could believe I’d done it! But I did!”


Pam Macquart, Sydney, explains how people reacted to her magnificent paintings from the Blooms 1 & 2 workshop.




Okay, I’ve told you everything there is to tell about my Blooms Painting Workshops, so good luck with whatever decision you make.



PS. Remember this is a unique kind of course that saves you so much time  in comparison to other courses and will pay you back over and over. Be productive from the get go!

PPS. The cost of the program may go up in the future.

PPPS. If you want to be one of the lucky students producing beautiful paintings in the coming months and take advantage of all the free bonuses, you will need to apply now to avoid disappointment.


What if it works? How could your life look?

What if dreams come true?

What if you can really be all you wish to be?

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