About the Blooms Painting Workshops

The Blooms Painting Workshop began in my kitchen at the barn in Kapunda over ten years ago in response to local women wanting to know how to paint roses like I do. Now I teach in person in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the Barossa Valley, as well as online globally.

Although I never dreamed of teaching, people kept asking me. After a while I stopped saying no.
From the get go, I worked out a fail proof method as I wanted all of the student s who were brave enough to try painting to have a fun workshop experience and get great results quickly. I have been buffing and honing that recipe for success ever since. I have literally taken the pain out of painting. Now my Blooms Panting Method® is a registered trademark and my tried and proven system of painting has helped thousands of women to get going with their painting and creativity.

Fundamental to my teaching is the belief that anyone can paint when they are shown how.

The Blooms Painting Workshop is also an important component of the Make Money From Art mentored painting program of 12 months duration which includes a business element, a built for you website, plus monthly manuals and skype chats and a ten day live in workshop in the Barossa Valley. The Blooms Painting Workshop is an excellent way to test how far you would like to take your painting. I see I as complete in itself and a potential gateway to a great painting career.

I have several students who have become teachers of the Blooms Painting Methodâ„¢ under my guidance to forge successful teaching careers of their own. Each of my Blooms Painting teachers began their journey with a Blooms Painting Workshop experience.

Over the years this special week long workshop has helped some fine painters to emerge and go onto paint many more paintings, be hung in prestigious art prizes and be invited to show their work internationally. Friendships have been forged. Many say how life changing and transformational this work is. Mind you I am there to teach painting but such is the power of creativity!

Thanks so much for taking an interest in my painting programs. I wish you all the best in your creative development. I encourage you to listen to the voice within and give it a go.

Love luck and paint brushes,
From Jacqueline Coates
Salon Rouge Gallery
Kapunda, Barossa Valley
South Australia

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